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ConsciousCoach™ is a Science-Based Curated Coaching Platform with
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Customized Coaching

Aligning your executive team with a curated coaching team based on your company's specific needs for higher performance, productivity, and profitability

Scientific Holistic Integrative

Coaching based on Sensory Neuroscience (SQ), Heart-Brain Coherence (HQ), Positive Intelligence (PQ) and holistic principles

Stay Connected

ConsciousCoach offers a community-centric interactive coaching experience to increase accountability, which fosters both emotional and physical health

Empowering Lives Through an Ever Present and Ongoing Mental Health Crisis

Roughly 1 in 3 of your employees are struggling with addiction or mental health challenges. About 70% of Americans are disengaged at work. Businesses with a strong learning culture see that employee engagement and retention rates have risen around 30-50% higher than those that don’t.

Only 43% of employees trust their business leaders and managers. A survey of 1,099 employees found that work-related concerns left more than 40% of employees feeling hopeless, burned out or exhausted as they grapple with lives altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gallup, Robert Half 2020, SHRM 2021

Adapting to an Unpredictable and Changing World

In November 2021, a record 4.5 million U.S. workers quit their jobs. With a vast number of people leaving the workforce, employers have been left wondering how they’ve failed to retain talent. A recent report from GoodHire points to managers as a key factor. In the survey of 3,000 workers, 82% told GoodHire they would consider quitting their job because of a bad manager. 

Remote work also presents new challenges for their relationships with managers. Still, in the transition to a mostly remote workforce, it’s important to note that managers are impacted, too. Just before the quit number hit its record high in November, managers reported some of the largest declines in mental health scores compared to other groups in a LifeWorks survey conducted the previous month.

GoodHire, Lifeworks, Breathe 2022

Leadership that Inspires

ConsciousCoach is designed to empower individuals and companies through a 360° holistic, integrative approach to business, based on neuroscience, heart-brain coherence, sensory awareness, and emotional intelligence. We support your leaders to build a foundation of powerful solutions to create sustainable change, resilient leadership, and effective communication.

Learn how to best optimize your team’s strengths and challenges within your organization based on the results of our discovery matchmaking assessments. 

ConsciousCoach Offers a 360° Support System

Building Confidence, Resilience, and Sustainability

Business Culture

We transform business by evolving fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to shift the social economical market environment.

Resilient Leadership

We train resilient leaders to inspire and empower their teams to navigate change more efficiently and successfully. Our team inspires leaders to create a sound business culture.

Life Priorities

We help establish your business priorities that will expand your business and professional life. We support and establish a more effective way to reach the collective goal.

Mental Wellness

We focus on building emotional wellness and mental fitness which leads to social wellness to create healthy performance. Learn to build an inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Coaching Services

Our 360° Methodology for Individuals and Teams

Our executive coaching & mentoring platform consists of one-on-one sessions and group sessions virtually. Our approach is open, social, accessible, and community-based to increase accountability and support. We believe in a tailored 360° approach to meet the personal needs of each individual and organization. Based on our science-backed assessments and discovery matchmaking process, we customize a plan between exercises, 1:1 sessions, and group sessions.

Our core coaching methodology includes Sensory Neuroscience (SQ), Heart-Brain Coherence (HQ), and Positive Intelligence (PQ). This trifecta is highly effective for teams and strengthens every relationship internally and externally with your customers.

Positive Coaching Powered by Texting (SMS)

ConsciousCoach includes the added convenience of text (SMS) coaching between your team and coaches on any personal mobile device. Message your individual executive coach or with your curated coaching team. Practice positive reinforcement and overcome challenges throughout your day such as stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, and much more. 

Bite-Size Coaching for Any Busy Schedule

Get personal by sending a video message to your coach, mentor, or executive coaching team whenever you would like and a coach will respond back to you within a few hours. As you think of new areas of concern throughout your day, this creates an open dialogue with your coach and can easily fit within any busy schedule!


“The Team at Conscious Coach really dug deep into challenging issues and though very meaningful discussion and outside the box thinking (and modalities), solutions were found and implemented. In addition, some very forward thinking strategy was uncovered leading to abundant opportunities that were not even considered. I am honored to have worked with such a skilled, empathetic, intuitive and thought provoking Team.” 

– Manna Kadar, Entrepreneur at Manna Kadar Beauty

“Gina’s guidance and expertise have profoundly impacted my professional and personal journey. Over the course of our collaboration, I have had the privilege of experiencing Gina’s innovative and revolutionary approach to coaching, a testament to her four decades of dedicated service in Holistic & Integrative Business Coaching & Mentoring, as well as Conscious Communication & Leadership Coaching. Gina’s progressive methods, grounded perspective, and intuitive insights set her apart as a true leader in her field. Her ability to seamlessly blend practicality with holistic wisdom has provided me with a unique and transformative coaching experience. Gina possesses an uncanny talent for recognizing human potential and motivation, effortlessly navigating blind spots in both professional and personal settings. What truly distinguishes Gina is her natural inclination to build bridges of understanding, supporting individuals to recognize and embrace their full potential.” 

– Stephen Harvey, Filmmaker, Music Producer & Songwriter

Meet Tracy Davis

Tracy Davis, Co-Founder & Executive Director at The Lantern Network

Elevate and Build Business Sustainability

Top three factors employees said they value are trust, passion and mentorship. 61% of employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program. A comprehensive and holistic wellness program will help employees change their lifestyle and make better choices, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

The same report finds that millennials, more than any other group, factor in benefits like health and wellness programs in deciding whether to take or remain in a job.

HRDrive 2020, Forbes 2019