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ConsciousCoach™ is designed to empower lives and companies through a 360° holistic, integrative approach

Founded by Coaches

Proudly founded by coaches & mentors in the space of transformational and personal development.


Cultivating Trust & Integrity

Through our in-depth vetting and coach training process, our mission is to provide quality and trust.


Empowering Your Life

We support leaders to build a solid foundation of powerful solutions to create positive impact, sustainable change, and resilient leadership, based on neuroscience, heart-brain coherence, sensory awareness, and positive intelligence — designed to empower leaders to adapt to a fast and unpredictable changing world.

Pioneering a 360° Coaching Paradigm

We are a revolutionary digital platform, dedicated to leading the personal coaching, tele-coaching, wellness, and personal development marketplace.

We solve our partners immediate needs and challenges while helping them to build and cultivate resilience, sustainability and profitability.

Passion. Possibility. Purpose.

A Conscious Company Committed to Making a Difference

ConsciousCoach is a community-centric platform connecting individuals seeking inspiration and well-being with curated trusted coaches and mentors. Coaching is based on neuroscience, heart-brain coherence, sensory awareness, and positive intelligence.

We elevate and bridge personal consciousness, happiness, and success; creating sustainable results in personal development, health, empowerment, and relationships while creating a positive impact in individuals, communities, and our world – in true partnership and collaboration. 


The ConsciousCoach™ Commitment

"Never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense."
- Winston Churchill
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ConsciousCoach is committed to our core values and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our clients are happy, successful and experiencing positive results. We create a nurturing, empowering environment for everyone to work at their optimal potential. Our platform is designed to empower lives, companies and help individuals globally in achieving success through innovation, collaboration, creativity, and inspiration. 

“If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher.” – Rudolf Steiner

Top Employee Statistics

1 %

70% of Americans are disengaged at work. Roughly 1 in 3 of your employees are struggling with addiction or mental health challenges.

1 %

Businesses with a strong learning culture see that employee engagement and retention rates have risen around 30-50% higher than those that don’t.

1 %

Employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s comprehensive and holistic wellness program.

Top three factors employees said they value are trust, passion and mentorship. A comprehensive and holistic wellness program will help employees change their lifestyle and make better choices, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

The same report finds that millennials, more than any other group, factor in benefits like health and wellness programs in deciding whether to take or remain in a job.

*Gallup, Robert Half, 2020
HRDrive 2020, Forbes 2019

Our Trusted Partners

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The Faces Behind our Success

Gina Roda

Chief Coaching Officer

Mandeep Bhasin

Chief Product Designer

Dominic Ambrosio

Strategic Advisor

Liz Dobbins

Coaching Curriculum Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform provides Business Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Relationships, Empowerment & Personal Development, Mental & Health Wellness, and Family & Parenting. After your company assessment, we will design a custom executive coaching team.

Our executive coaching platform consists of texting, video bite-size, one-on-one sessions and group sessions using Zoom. During your on-boarding, we will guide you through how to simply book and communicate with each executive coach. You can send texts, and video chats to an individual executive coach or your customized coaching team. 

Please contact us to schedule a Mastermind Call as our coaching services will be tailored per your exact requirements.

ConsciousCoach will help your team succeed by providing a customized webpage with effective and efficient information, guiding you every step of the way. We are always here to help and answer any questions.

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