Gina Roda

Transformational Coaching Happens By Design.

Discover your full potential, learning self-regulation, self-leadership, and self-mastery.

Elevate yourself and redefine what is possible…believe and exceed.

Expand your personal and professional development.

Imagine living an inspired fulfilling life you love.

Gina offers simple & effective support tools, processes, and personal development practices for emotional empowerment, self-regulation, and self-mastery.

Gina has a passion for transformation, collaboration, and inspiration. She has extensive coaching and mentoring experience for over 40 years in many business genres. She utilizes holistic and integrative principles and modalities, addressing the whole person, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She provides innovative tools to resolve unproductive communication, burnout issues, low morale, lack of confidence, and employee turnover. Gina uses simple integrative tools to balance and manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Her expertise encourages inspired optimal performance, positive momentum, and effective communication. Gina helps to create a vibrant healthy culture of compassion and respect, that creates an uplifting effect in the office environment. She has a perceptive ability to bridge the analytical processes and the creative aspects. 

Gina has an innate awareness of human potential and motivation and is able to easily uncover opportunities for personal and professional growth. She awakens a new sense of possibility and well-being with her 360 holistic integrative approach to business. Her coaching and mentoring introduces a unique way of thinking and speaking while challenging limited assumptions and beliefs.

Her mission is to create a healthy, happy, positive corporate environment that encourages values, diversity, equality, equity, respect, and excellence. 

Gina recruited and trained sales & management teams in retail, nationally. She was also a top sales and management executive in several companies including I.Magnin, Gianni Versace, Sakowitz, Casual Corner, Lane Bryant, and Roger Stuart Men’s Clothing. She personally exceeded all company’s expectations, breaking all sales records in the history of each company. 

Featured Coaching Sessions

Communication & Personal Development

Gina offers new integrative power tools, concepts, and processes creating effective communication, higher productivity, and optimal performance. She supports her clients to reach their full potential personally and professionally. She empowers you to level up with the ability to respond and communicate effectively with any potential challenges and obstacles. 

Relationship Coaching

Gina’s experience, guidance and wisdom knows that by having healthy, happy relationships, translates to a positive business environment. All relationships are a reflection of what level of relationship we are having with ourselves.

Creating a constant flow of respect, compassion, and consideration creates positive relationships in your business and home environment. Healthy relationships create healthy foundations in every area of your life. Gina empowers your team to build self-leadership and self-mastery. 

Text Your Coach

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ConsciousCoach360 includes the added convenience of text coaching between your team and coaches, whenever and wherever, on any personal mobile device. Message your individual executive coach or with your curated coaching team. Practice positive reinforcement and overcome challenges throughout your day such as stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and much more.