Ray Engan


 The path to success is right in front of you.

Earn More, Do More, Enjoy More

  • Be known as the best leader in your field
  • Free up time in your day, because now your staff WANTS to do more
  • Uncover the financial and personal gains of creating universal acceptance wherever you go
  • Put a smile on your face, and those around you

About Ray Engan

Business, Leadership & Humor Coach

Ray entered corporate America, and quickly rose through the ranks as a successful sales manager known for creating positive, powerful sales teams. He has testified before a presidential task force on Small business in America, and appeared as an election commentator on MSNBC.

He talked about his story on the way to his semi-final appearance in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2013. It’s about how one person changed his life.

Ray’s humor was heard as he went on to a career in stand up comedy, toured the country, and has had his humor seen on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman.

Learn the same tips, tools and techniques used to create humor for Late Night Television and Award Winning Speeches, Keynotes and Strategic Leadership Sessions

  • How to Create The Lean In Factor
  • How to be viewed and accepted as more valuable and Productive.
  • Create instant acceptance and Trust.


  1. A Leadership Through Laughter training is a Gateway to employee engagement.
  2. Walk away with the tools to create instant acceptance, 
  3. Have your staff “Ray-diate” confidence and enthusiasm

Featured Coaching Sessions

Fast Presentation Makeover

The fast presentation makeover includes a 30-minute consultation with me.

Laser Coaching

My Laser coaching program allows for unlimited access to me via email and texts. I also offer unlimited 15 minutes coaching sessions. Each coaching session will involve homework. The laser coaching program is perfect for the person that is self-driven and just wants guidance to succeed in your business which may include sales, presentations, meetings, pitches, speaking, events, and more.


Premiere Coaching

The premiere coaching service meets once a week for an hour+ and we develop your presence and presentation skills. I coach people on how to get leadership from laughter, along with communication, confidence, and charisma skills. I will dig deep to help you overcome your obstacles, and write presentations for you. You have access to me via phone, as well as unlimited text and email access.

What my clients say

​“Ray has a very powerful message…. He influences the influencers”


“Time Well spent!! His Coaching was invaluable”


I am here to support the whole you

How to Create The Lean In Factor
Create instant acceptance and Trust.
Identify challenges to high performance and use new strategies to overcome them, no matter what
Communicate effectively across different backgrounds and skill sets
How to be viewed and accepted as more valuable and Productive.
Have your staff “Ray-diate” confidence and enthusiasm
An action plan to expand your learning and integrate further for success

Learn tools to improve interpersonal effectiveness across differences in organizations and teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaders and Executives that are speaking and writing in their career. 

I do not solve your problems, but guide you into solving them on your own. I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality. My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest and rewarding.

Absolutely! I would be happy to answer all of your questions during a discovery call. 

Text Your Coach

Texting is a premium feature.
ConsciousCoach360 includes the added convenience of text coaching between your team and coaches, whenever and wherever, on any personal mobile device. Message your individual executive coach or with your curated coaching team. Practice positive reinforcement and overcome challenges throughout your day such as stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and much more.