Reena B. Patel

To gain knowledge and strength through study and experience, while laughing along the journey, to better support our family and friends in an effort to serve society. This is the family mission statement of Reena B. Patel, a Parenting Expert, Guidance Counselor, Licensed Educational Psychologist, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


By creating an on-going culture of kindness and compassion through her work, Reena is helping empower families.

About Reena B. Patel

Parenting Coach & Psychologist

For more than 20 years, Reena B. Patel, LEP, BCBA has had the privilege of working with families and children supporting all aspects of education and positive wellness. Reena has worked extensively with typically developing children as well as children with exceptional needs, supporting their academic, behavioral, and social development.

It all started while in graduate school when Reena was working at UCLA’s NeuroPsychiatric Hospital’s Early Childhood Partial Day Program. It was here when Reena first worked with children with Autism. From there, she began to hone in on identifying any limiting factors for kids, whether it be learning challenges, physical impairments, and/or social/emotional difficulties by working in schools. She has since successfully created Autism programs, conducted training courses in Behavior Interventions for District Administrators, Teachers, and Staff, created District Behavior Training Modules, and conducted parent education trainings in schools around Southern California that assist with effective educational techniques and positive behaviors solutions.

Currently, Reena is the Founder and CEO of AutiZm & More, which serves to help children and their families embed positive behavior support strategies across home, school, and community settings. Her company strives to improve the quality of life for all children. She routinely holds workshops throughout California; guiding and training parents, mental health professionals, families, and educators on positive parenting techniques, educational interventions, and practical solutions that are beneficial for all children.  All workshops have a positive approach and a message of kindness and compassion.

That’s when the idea of writing children’s stories came about, “I want to teach an overall theme of compassion and kindness. Why not start with our children, and address everyday challenges through the lens of a child’s eye, written in a story format with practical tools that help educators and parents.”

Her first two books, published by Kind Eye Publishing, LLC, help to fill that void. My Friend Max: A Story About a Friend with Autism, tells the story about a young boy with Autism and his typically developing best friend can learn to create bonds no matter what their differences may be by learning the proper ways to communicate. Winnie & Her Worries, released in 2018 and offers an anxiety relief toolbox for children and their caretakers in an easy to understand story format. It is Reena’s hope to use these stories to start a dialogue to help address crucial topics such as inclusion, compassion, friendships, and working through stress and anxiety.

Recently nominated for San Diego Magazine’s “Woman of the Year,” Reena continues to write children’s stories, and provide unmatched support to her community and clients via her private practice and training workshops.

Featured Coaching Sessions


Over 20 years of experience with MA in School Counseling, MA in Educational Psychology, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Reena helps parents with specific and easy to implement techniques to foster and support the emotional, social, and intellectual development of children from infancy to adulthood. You know your child the best, I am here to guide and provide the tools needed to help you along your parenting journey.


With over 20 years of experience working with special needs and typically developing children, in the home and school setting, Reena is an expert in behavior and understands why children do what they do. As a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) she offers solutions and techniques that create positive, long-lasting change to everyday challenging behaviors in children.



As a Licensed Educational Psychologist, Reena supports the students’ ability to learn and the teachers’ ability to teach. She applies her expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. She works with families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to create a safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community. Reena conducts comprehensive educational evaluations and creates individual support plans to help children meet their overall potential.

What my clients say

Reena has been invaluable to the development and growth of our child. Having Reena available to provide guidance on a variety of parental topics has been so comforting and has allowed us to navigate certain challenges with modern parenting. Reena has helped with sleep issues, behavioral problems (controlling temper), analysis of speech deficiency to name a few. She has also been a great support to my wife and I in making sure we keep sane and are focused on our physical and mental well being as well. We absolutely love having Reena in our corner and can’t imagine raising our child w/o her guidance.

-Father- A.M. from Texas

As a pediatrician who has diagnosed and referred many children with ADHD and autism, I encountered a challenging and sometimes overwhelming system to navigate to obtain resources for my own daughter with special needs. Not only did Reena offer her expert advice, she guided me with her own extensive experience with the school system to the most pertinent information and most effective ways to advocate successfully for our daughter. Our child has benefited greatly from therapy at an early age and is now thriving. We are grateful for Reena’s involvement, guidance, and expertise.

Mother K.C. – California

Frequently Asked Questions

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I do not solve your problems, but guide you into solving them on your own. I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality. My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest and rewarding.

Absolutely! I would be happy to answer all of your questions during a discovery call. 

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